Heather: Tu’u Maia Lou Lima (Give Me Your Hand)


There are various layers of cultures and languages in the book, Heather. It includes Ilocano, Sāmoan, Hawaiian Pidgin English, and Spanish (Puerto Rican culture). There are peaks and valleys from heart-wrenching to heartwarming moments in the story. This is based on a true story of a Sāmoan-Scottish girl who grew up in an Ilocan...

Forced To Be Here


If you've ever felt like your life is out of control, if you've ever felt like no matter what you do, it's just not enough, then this book is for you.Forced To Be Here is an intimate, at times dark, look at the life of a rock star and his wife, Jenny, who struggles with mental health issues and depression. The book describes...

And If there was tomorrow


The world as we know it can influenced by unknown beings and these can influence humans and their wishes. Linda is a helpful doctor who has gone through depressive phases, but she never made an attempt on her life. Her fate intersects with that of a patient who, apparently tried to take his own life, but little or nothing is known a...

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues


Have you ever felt that you were the poster child for being bullied? Meet Stuart Duffelmeyer. Brilliant and kind-spirited best describe him. He knows what it feels like to be treated badly by others. His fellow NYU classmates target him for total humiliation. Stuart delivers a universal message about having compass...



This is the story of Johanna von Eschenbach, who comes into the world just as her parent’s marriage is ending. Overshadowed by her glamorous French mother and her gorgeous, over-achieving older sister, Johanna grows up in a hothouse Europeanized household, incongruously located in a small university town in the Ame...

Loving Leopold

Loving Leopold is a trilogy although each book stands on its own. Amalie Bouchard is a beautiful 19 year old French Parisienne heiress, who must move to London and the home of her eccentric aunt and uncle upon the sudden death of her parents.  The books begin in 1897 with Amalie planning to return to Paris as soon as she has ac...

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