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A psychological thriller about a woman who experiences a dream which quickly evolves into a nightmare that involves the lives of her loving husband and childhood best friends. During the next couple of weeks, it merges her reality and the dream world into a living nightmare that rapidly escalates until the final chapter where the true...

Carrasco '67 A harrowing tale of an Imperialist Pi...


1967 Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay. Terrorism has no boundaries. Anyone can be a target.

Survivors- Book One of The Earth Fleet Series


Earth ravaged by alien attack and sent into a new ice age. Pockets of survivors live underground. Book follows a group of ex-miners and  their families living in an underground mine with a few people they rescued early on in the attacks. Forty-five years of being too cold to go out, the survivors and their children experience t...

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Jade the Youngest...


Jimmy Crikey is the alien from Attalia who was born on Earth and chose to make his home here in the magical lands of Roombelow. Jimmy’s close young friend Jade approaches the end of her apprenticeship with Matilda as a witch. There are several challenges to c...

Burning Night


When Collie flees a bad marriage she has no idea what her future holds. Heading to the Burning Night festival in Alaska (think Burning Man) is only the start of her misadventures. A mystical experience at a 10,000 year-old medicine wheel in Wyoming gives her hope for her future, but when her money is stolen life takes a turn for the...

Little Lost Girl

A little girl vanished 100 years ago. Her name was Sophie. Where did she go?An old house in Balmain. A portrait and perfume bottle hidden in a chimney.Unknown and untouched, while a century passed, their memory slowly fading.Glimpses of an eight year old girl and her school friend, missing, never found.The gr...

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