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Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change


A middle-grade coming-of-age fantasy novellaWinner of the Gold Medal from the Mom's Choice® Awards and the Golden Wizard Book Prize. This is a story that stands out, a true gem recognized for its excellence."Angry, upset, and utterly fed up with my parents, I stormed off into the woods, seeking solace in the quiet em...

Once Upon A Crime


What if a predator becomes the prey? What if a hunter has ey...

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy


A professor and parapsychology researcher discovers a key to mankind’s evolution or destruction in this debut thrillerIn Podol’sk, Russia, the subject of a mind research experiment spirals out of control. Then, the starry night is blotted out by an inky darkness hanging over the city like a funeral shro...

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy


Discredited researcher and reluctant empath Beau Walker joins an investigative team probing a cataclysmic Russian mind experiment that vaporized a city, killing thousands. He discovers a US cabal using SHIVA mind technology for biowarfare and genetic mutation, capable of eradicating humanity. As they uncover advanced biotechnology a...

Third Wheel


Las Vegas, 1982. Brady Wilks, a teenage transplant from the Midwest, navigates life in the dusty suburban outskirts of an aberrant 24-hour town built by the Mob. Outcast as a newcomer, Brady forges a brotherly bond with an older teenage neighbor, Mick, and his friend, Brett. But when Brett unexpectedly moves away, Mi...



Miles Boswell and August Sylvan are two teenagers who find solace in each other from a society with which they can't connect. Their relationship is perfect -- except, that is, for the fact that Miles has j...

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