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Book Description

Have you ever felt that you were the poster child for being bullied? Meet Stuart Duffelmeyer. Brilliant and kind-spirited best describe him. He knows what it feels like to be treated badly by others. His fellow NYU classmates target him for total humiliation. Stuart delivers a universal message about having compassion for others, even while his role as that of the underdog soars.

It is through the powers of a magical Hebrew talisman that he is deeply tied to the supernatural realm. Stuart is protected even during his most vulnerable moments by forces not of planet Earth. Will his former NYU classmates who executed a harsh prank on him get what they richly deserve? Find out as you will cheer for the Jewish boy wonder; a very relatable main character to those who yearn for a sense of belonging.

“This book takes fantasy to supernatural and satisfying heights” – U.S. Review of Books.

“Author Dewey B. Reynolds takes the story of a bullied man to a whole new level” – Literary Titan



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