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Nigger Ranch


Beatrice was six years old when her Grandmother June introduced her to a part of Nigger Ranch. What little Beatrice saw sadd...

And If there was tomorrow


The world as we know it can influenced by unknown beings and these can influence humans and their wishes. Linda is a helpful...

Survivors- Book One of The Earth Fleet Series


Earth ravaged by alien attack and sent into a new ice age. Pockets of survivors live underground. Book follows a group of ex...

Little Lost Girl

A little girl vanished 100 years ago. Her name was Sophie. Where did she go?An old house in Balmain. A portrait and...

The Death of Me


He’d rather save the Earth than exploit it....

F.R.U.I.T.S. (Family Research Uncovers Important...


Award Winning Book Author Dell S. Henry comes from a Family of eight members. Yes, Everyone on the Front Book Cover is rela...

Gazala: A Hopeful Tale From a War-Torn World


In the post-war scenario of Kosovo, the youngest nation of the world, Gazala couldn't have ever imagined the things that hap...



If you're on vacation, fly coach. If you're on business, fly first class. If you're on a mission, fly with Mickey.

The Victim


Two faces glimpsed on TV – one a Victim one a Killer. A fisherman finds a head in a crocodile infested waterhol...

The Mysteries


MYSTERY WITHIN MYSTERY  An old stone house with no history - secrets buried below the floor. Glimp...

Pathways: Walking Through Creation


In t...

Asleep (Drifting) Book One


A compelling story of child abuse, betrayal, and adolescent trauma. Little Robert's early life was s...

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