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And If there was tomorrow


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Mood & Emotion

Happy Sad

Funny Serious

Safe Disturbing

Expected Unpredictable

Larger than life Down to earth

Beautiful Disgusting

Gentle Violent

Easy Demanding

No sexual content Explicit sexual content

Conventional Unusual

Optimistic Bleak

Short Long

Character & Plot


Mixed Race








Lots of twists and turns

Book Description

The world as we know it can influenced by unknown beings and these can influence humans and their wishes. Linda is a helpful doctor who has gone through depressive phases, but she never made an attempt on her life. Her fate intersects with that of a patient who, apparently tried to take his own life, but little or nothing is known about the man and, apparently, that's what he wanted. In the course of the narrative, she will discover that there are reasons to feel some good and bad emotions. After a date with Death (personified), she will understand that there are more things going on in her life than she imagined. In the middle of everything, she still has to deal with the breakup of a complicated relationship and a huge change in her life. Was the meeting of these two determined by fate? Do they can help each other? This is what we are going to find out...

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