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Author’s life and life path, philosophy and religion with the touch of abstract personal fiction through his poems, as well...

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy


A professor and parapsychology researcher discovers a key to mankind’s evolution or destruction in th...

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy


Discredited researcher and reluctant empath Beau Walker joins an investigative team probing a cataclysmic Russian mind exper...

The Hang-Up


The Hang-Up (Synopsis) The Stars that never were – or were they!

Third Wheel


Las Vegas, 1982. Brady Wilks, a teenage transplant from the Midwest, navigates life in the dusty suburban ou...

The Regrettable Decision


At the altar, Zarayah can’t help but wonder if she’s making a terrible mistake…Keeping her husband-to-be’s secrets f...

Who Is This God? A Handbook for Life with Him


This is a Christian nonfiction book entitled Who Is This God? A Handbook for Life with Him. It’s ab...



Miles Boswell and August Sylvan are two teenagers who find solace in each other from a...

Desirable Bad Boy's Fake Fiancèe


He is my best friend’s older brother and an ex-convict with a past that shadows his every move. And now, in...

The Seduction of Elise


The Seduction of Elise, the final book of this series follow our characters as they traverse fresh starts in their lives, in...

Time Smuggler's Blues


In a world where time travel is illegal, smuggling can make you very rich. Or very dead.

The Sins of Men


Peter B...

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