I Love You More Than Cereal: Maeva and Dad Redefin...


This debut kid’s book of the Maeva and Dad Redefine ...

Dark Magic Papyrus


A Dark Fantasy Thriller set in Ancient Egypt - Middle kingdom (King Mentuhotep's reign political and historical context).During New Year's Eve, Nomarch Menes's house begins to be the target of tragic and violent events. Neith, A young and intelligent maid witnesses strange and very disturbing facts all over the following day...



Existential crisis, lost love, love poems for anxious people, think pieces, religious transition, complex thought processes and stream of consciousness are some of the things that shape Alison’s attempt to tell us what goes on in his mind. He puts himself in the shoes of people he admires or detests. It’s left for the re...

Nigger Ranch


Beatrice was six years old when her Grandmother June introduced her to a part of Nigger Ranch. What little Beatrice saw sadden her spirit. When Beatrice went exploring another part of the ranch she couldn't believe what her six year old eyes saw. Beatrice didn't know she was born into such a cruel family. Beatrice finds herself to b...

Write It Down


If you’re looking for a way to refocus your perspective in these crazy and chaotic times we are living in and realize that your life is not a random draw of luck but that you have been created by God for a special purpose, journaling just might be for you. It is not as difficult as you might think and the rewards are well worth the...

The Whitechapel Secret


After over 100 years, will the identity of the world’s most notorious serial killer finally be revealed…?When freelance writer Ian Groves sets off to lead one of his Jack the Ripper tours, the last thing he expects is to be dragged into a dangerous and secretive conspiracy.All his life, Ian has been desperate to unmask the R...

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