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Morrow's Con: Opening Gambit


A character like no other… People call him Morrow. They aren’t sure if tha...

Invisible Fingers


Rebecca, a 13 year old girl, and abortion survivor, discovers she is not 



The Vixen War Bride


With the destruction of their home colony, Captain Ben Gibson and his Army Rangers have nowhere else to go. Six months after...

Promised Land


Promised Land, an award-winning novel, is Harlem's greatest story before the Renaissance. It is an epic action/adventure and...



This novella is science fiction: an exploratory discovery of a strange planet in the Kepler 24 system. The natives so differ...

The Road to Glory


Naya Weeks is a young woman, like most, just wanting to have a complete life. A life including a husband, a child, and good fri...

Complicated Love

If you like reading captivating stories that explore the complexities of love, emotions, and passion, "Complicated Love"...

Adversity's Early Light


This is a collection of short stories involving individuals and families who must deal with tests of their strength of chara...

Clara Colby: The International Suffragist


 CLARA BEWICK COLBY The International Suffragist We may ne...

Going To Williamsport


What would you do if you were the 12 year-old new ace pitcher of a very small town baseball team, you and...

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