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Book Description

Peter Beale is an impoverished boy living in 18th century Portsmouth, England. He has to steal to help feed his family and is arrested and sent to prison. While there, he gets impressed into duty on the British warship Progress during the Seven Years War. Peter is forced to serve as the captain’s cabin boy where he is repeatedly abused. This is the catalyst that will either drive the boy to take his life or to seek vengeance. The ship sails as part of an armada to fight the French in Canada.

After engaging the French army in Canada, the ship is ordered to Boston to undergo repairs. It is during the great fire of 1760 when Peter is able to escape. He is taken in by a local family and raised as their son. His life is drastically improved, but he must always look over his shoulder in fear of being recaptured. His adoptive father arranges for him to get a college education at Harvard, where he is immersed in the politics of the day and to a social scene that he is not comfortable with.

His father is active in the Sons of Liberty and Peter gets caught up in the movement. As fate would have it, Peter is involved in the dramatic events that take place in Boston during that time. As he gains a love interest, he must decide what is important to him, marriage or American independence. He chooses to fight against his sworn enemies and joins the militia in Lexington. He also distinguishes himself in the battle of Breed’s Hill. During his heroic effort, he is recognized by his superiors and offered the chance to serve in the fledgling American navy.

While Peter is trying to move on with his life, the captain of the Progress details events from his perspective as he tries to maintain his grip over the crew. He is ruthless and unforgiving and never forgives the men that let his cabin boy escape. The ship undergoes its own trials which include barely surviving a hurricane. The crew is restless from years of battles and being away from home. It all leads to a climactic battle between the two navies.

As fate would have it, an improbable engagement between Peter’s American ship and the British ship. This is the moment that he has waited for to gain his revenge against the man that took away his innocence. Will he be able to exorcize his demons?


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