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A middle-grade coming-of-age fantasy novella

Winner of the Gold Medal from the Mom's Choice® Awards and the Golden Wizard Book Prize. This is a story that stands out, a true gem recognized for its excellence.

"Angry, upset, and utterly fed up with my parents, I stormed off into the woods, seeking solace in the quiet embrace of nature. Little did I know, my escape would lead me to a place beyond my wildest dreams—or nightmares. As I stumbled into a sun-dappled meadow, the air seemed to hum with magic, and before I could even catch my breath, I found myself whisked away by the mysterious Fae. Suddenly, I was no longer in the familiar world I knew, but in a realm of perpetual change and enchantment."

In the vein of literary giants such as Tolkien and Rowling, emerges a tale both whimsical and wickedly clever.

"Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change" introduces us to Bella Santini, an ordinary child thrust into an extraordinary world of enchantment and peril. In this first installment of her daring escapades, Bella Santini proves that even the most ordinary among us are capable of extraordinary feats when armed with courage, resourcefulness, and a touch of magic. "Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change" is a sweet and whimsical tour de force that will leave readers wanting more. 


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