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Carrasco '67 A harrowing tale of an Imperialist Pig


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Book Description

1967 Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay. Terrorism has no boundaries. Anyone can be a target.

Elaine Broun’s Carrasco 67’ tells the harrowing tale of one man’s journey to save his family — and himself. 

Peter Gray was the golden child of the accounting world. Tall, blonde, blue eyed, and charismatic, he captivated all who crossed his path. After accepting a Managing Partner role with Pradman Industries, Peter quickly and passionately set out to both elevate the firm and conquer the social scene of the elite within the suburb of Carrasco, Uruguay.

The subject of terrorism, no thanks to the Tupamaros, was common fodder for the dinner table — Peter’s included and unknowingly he had just stepped in to the storm from Hell! Dangerous encounters intermingled with daily living and the reign of terror began.

If your family was in imminent danger — and you had no idea where they were — what would you do? Would you fall apart? Give up? Or do everything in your power to keep them safe? The answer determines which side of the line you’re on between men and boys.
Evil has eyes everywhere. Is someone watching you?


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