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Book Description

Do you mind reading a self-help book like FICTION: embedded with stories, humor, drama, emotions, and laughter? ‘A Fistful of Indian Rice’ is written in a nonchalant way to ensure a happy reading experience for brave hearts like you, who kept the flame alive within, even while going through the punishing storms called struggles and failures.

This is the era of going out and smashing opportunities' doors rather than waiting for them to knock. So setting the right goal is the winning mantra. In this book: Time management, SMART goal setting, prioritizing, SWOT analysis, and finding Ikigai—all those tested and proven life skills are covered in a very placid and lucid style.

But beware, this book does not guarantee you the stars, but rather stones: milestones, precious ones that will be cherished forever!

Thank you for getting your backpacks ready. Let us embark on a challenging but exciting journey that will undoubtedly guarantee the reactivation of your winning mode. A Fistful of Indian Rice’ will empower you with the Power of Dream Management and the Art of Goal Setting.

A perfect gift for someone with the potential to grow, including YOU 

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