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Mounia Lakehal Meribout



My name is Mounia Lakehal Meribout and I am a Neurologist working at Teaching Hospital (as a Physician and a Teacher) in Algeria.

I've been published multiple times in the medical field

I'm also a published writer in the English language, a few American magazines published or are about to post some of my short stories.

Publishing History:

"The Wish"


"Dark Magic Papyrus"

My first Novel "Dark Magic Papyrus" was published by 'Private Dragon Publishing' in 2021. Then I got back the rights on the book then I self-published it.

« MMeribout »


"The Whispering well."


" Infinite repetition" in SHEER Anthology :


Recently, "The Well Chore" was accepted by "Galaxy Edge" for publication:


My Native languages are ARABIC and FRENCH, and I am fluent in English.

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